Learn on an individual basis and gain an insight into my own creative process.  If you have a particular project of skills you would like to develop, one-to-one tuition may be for you. 
Sessions last two hours and are £90 per session.  Depending on the project a small materials fee may also be applied.

Ceramic artwork

I create and sell my own artworks.  The language of clay is the one that most closely matches the way in which I see and understand the world.  When you buy and own my work you own a facet of this understanding.  My work celebrates the capacity for hand-made objects to improve our wellbeing. This is motivated and supported by her own life experience and is the reason I have centred my practice in the craft skills rooted in clay. 
Please see my gallery for latest works. 

Commissions from Sarah

The process of commissioning is a mutual journey.  The development of most commissions falls into the following four stages. Clearly it is desirable to meet at the outset and, where possible, I like to see where the work is to be placed, the surroundings will have an influence on my design proposals.

  • STAGE A - An initial meeting where we can look through my portfolio of past work to establish those works you like best and that would form the basis for your commission.  I would need to take dimensions or receive plans of the space, and note any special features or obstacles. Normally I make no charge for this stage beyond the reimbursement of reasonable travel expenses.
  • STAGE B - I would prepare initial design proposals with preliminary costings for your consideration.  Where practical I would present my drawings in person and make alterations if required.  For long distance commissions this may have to be done by E-mail.  My Fee for this stage would be 10% of the estimated cost of the project and where a commission is confirmed this fee can be added to the overall cost.
  • STAGE C - For some more complex projects a prototype, mock-up, or model may be required.  I would supply a separate quotation for this work in advance.  For many commissions this stage can be omitted.
  • STAGE D - When you have agreed a design, prices and a suitable time scale, you would place an order for us to make the furniture. At this point I would ask for an initial payment of 1/3rd with the balance on delivery. For some larger projects I may ask for further stage payments as the work proceeds.

Throughout the commission you would be dealing with Sarah personally and she would ensure that all materials and workmanship are maintained at the highest standard. You would always be welcome at the workshop to see work in progress.





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