Sarah Core

“I work with my heart but I reach with my hands”.

Sarah is a London based artist whose practice is centred on clay. Sarah makes and sells her own artworks and teaches clay skills and wellbeing through clay.


Here you will find new work, latest news and events relating to CoreCreations clay art and clay courses that we offer.  Please take a moment to browse and we hope you discover the power of clay in all its forms and what it can do.

Wellbeing creativity

Looking after your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing matters.  As little as 15 minutes with clay can help you maximise happiness and productivity.   Your creativity is revived in a sustainable way and you become more fulfilled both at home and at work, both as an employee and an employer.  When you return to those daily tasks you return with a refreshed mind and body.  Sarah’s workshops allow you to do this.

Ceramic art

Sarah’s ceramic art fuses modern fine art ceramics with the study of the seven centres of the body known as Chakras, that have a healing power. Sarah uses ancient decorative techniques and works with precious gems and the plant world to integrate surface with form. She makes beautiful objects, which adorn and animate our homes and that act as memories of our own internal beauty.





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